Suzi McAlpine, McAlpine Coaching

Andrea Pazin, Buddle Findlay

I worked with Bindy for over a year on coaching techniques, leadership, mentoring and self awareness. I was lucky to have Bindy in my team because of her strength, intuitiveness, skill and real warmth. Bindy is a very gentle person but so engaging and effective in her coaching technique. Through Bindy I not only learned allot about myself but life in general because of her holistic and broad take on life. I feel proud to recommend Bindy to anyone looking for coaching or mentoring support and direction, you can only be better off.

Brent Proctor, Macquarie, NZ

Every once in a while you come across a person who has a very pure and powerful depth. Bindy is one of those people. She blends empathy, advanced coaching skills and a holistic outlook to help enable powerful results. I highly recommend her as a coach to those wanting to make a positive shift.

Public Sector, Wellington

Every now and again, you come across someone whose talents are so varied and rich, they inspire you. Bindy is one of those people. Every time I have a coaching session with Bindy, I come away more centred, aware and clear in my decision making. As well as being a skilled coach – intuitive, aware, bold and gentle at the same time, she also has considerable integrity and wisdom. Her communications background and expertise also adds another valuable dimension for her clients. I recommend her unreservedly to those wishing to grow and be successful leaders.

Human Resources Consultant Wellington

My coaching sessions with Bindy have significantly improved the way I communicate with people, I am more able to establish what going on and how I need to respond.  I am starting to better recognise my strengths and weaknesses and acknowledge when I could use support.  These sessions make me better at my job, and better able to lead my team.

Business Owner Auckland

Bindy keeps me grounded.  Her support allows me to find my own way in really complex situations.  I believe I achieve more, and I know I feel more, since I started working with Bindy.

Medical Professional Northland

Bindy helped me rebrand my business. She got down to the core values of what the company stood for and from there we developed a strong, coherent brand and company philosophy. Not just the logo, but how we approach customers, and parameters for developing new products.
Bindy challenged me to think deeper, beyond the veneer of the logo. This gives us clarity when making decisions and helps with our planning process. I would recommend Bindy to anyone who wants to see genuine results.

Business Owner Northland

Bindy has been providing coaching for my adult daughter for the last 12 months.  My daughter has had a very serious debilitating illness, she was critical for 2 years and has been slowly recovering over the last 8 years.  It has taken great determination on my daughters part to survive.  Aside from Bindy being a throughly lovely person who is easy to talk to, she is excellent at her job.  She gives great clarity in her answers and her advice.  She has been invaluable in our daughters recovery.  We have no hesitation in recommending Bindy to future clients.