Testimonial : Andrea Pazin, Buddle Findlay

I attended personal coaching sessions with Bindy over the course of a year. My initial aim was to build resilience and manage stress, but ultimately Bindy helped me achieve much more. She takes a ‘whole of person’ approach, not limiting issues to a work context, which I found refreshing and sensible. I was impressed by how quickly she built rapport, and how comfortable I felt sharing with her what was, at times, very personal information and thoughts. She always listened carefully, offered interesting insights, practical solutions and advice, and offered further research and reading to inspire me. She challenged me in a positive way to reflect on my experiences, helped me to identify issues and worked with me to develop practical solutions to some long standing behaviours that were not serving me well. With her guidance and encouragement I have developed greater confidence and resilience, feel less affected by stress, and I regularly use a number of techniques she helped identify at work and in life generally. I would highly recommend Bindy’s services.