Interesting Reading

Care of the Soul

by Thomas Moore. This widely read book introduces the idea of soul with reference to C. G. Jung, James Hillman and Greek mythology. It shows the need for soul in a secular world and the role of spirituality in caring for the soul.

Wild Courage

by Elle Harrison. Wisdom and motivation of being yourself and succeeding.

Peaceful Parent

Taking these ideas home and into the parenting role.

SCARF Solutions

A self-assessment tool using the SCARF model – see where you lie…

NeuroLeadership Institute

Cutting edge research being applied to leadership, often proving concepts discussed in many ancient wisdoms.

Tree Space Studio

Great ideas with clear values and idea of what she is.

What’s Your Body Telling You?

by Steve Sisgold.  Fantastic book with achievable ‘how to’ for linking with your body wisdom. See the Youtube video.

Walking the Talk

by Carolyn Taylor. Brilliant book on the value of and delivering authentic organisational culture.

When Things Fall Apart

by Pema Chodron.  Available at Good Reads.